Pamper your nails – nail art trends

What with all the news we see about dramatic contouring and audaciously plumped out lips, it can be easy to forget that many of our most adored fashion brands also offer some amazing ranges designed to treat our nails. But if you are the type of person that tends to slap on a nail polish and then forget about it until it is tatty and chipped off then it is time to change your view and hop on board the nail art bandwagon!

Largely inspired by looks coming out of south-east Asia, in the last couple of years the nail art trend has become a serious big player in the world of beauty and cosmetics. With better nail polish formulas than ever, colossal numbers of YouTube tutorials and innovative how-tos on the internet, as well as more and more products expressly designed for nail art, it is now also easier than ever to create beautiful manicures from your own home. And don’t worry if you’re artistry skills could be rated at nil or if you keep your nails short since there are so many designs out there that are easy and can suit any nail length. So it’s time you start accessorising your nails.

Traditional French manicures

Visit any pound shop and you’ll likely spot a manicure kit and these are a great and economical way to keep your nails looked neat and elegant without having to be ostentatious about it. Including tip guides, a top coat, a pinky colour and of white, it won’t take you long to master giving yourself beautiful French manicures at a snip of the salon price.

Nail stamping plates

If you’ve ever seen intricate designs on someone’s nails like lace and Fair Isle motifs, then chances are you weren’t looking at an incredibly talented nail artist but instead someone that has mastered the simple technique of nail stamping. This is a method of transferring an image from a stamping plate onto your nails and the effects can be quite stunning. With pretty much no limit to the designs available, you can pick up entire stamping sets including the stamper, plate, scraper and a polish or 2 really cheaply online.

Nail gems and stickers

These are another great way to add a bit of interest to your nails without having to pick up a paintbrush and are even really easy to apply on your non-dominant hand. Small gems can be applied with either top coat or nail glue and will make your nails look they’ve come straight from the salon. If you find it fiddly, then just choose one nail accent nail (usually the ring finger) on each hand to make a statement.

Ombre nails

The ombre effect is everywhere right now from out hair to our clothes and of course to our nails too, and this is another easy effect to master. With 2 nail polish colours, a make-up sponge and a top coat you can style your nails with minimal effort thanks to this fun trend that lets you really choose your shades.

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