Keeping it natural – mineral powder foundation

It’s been out for a fair few years now and despite rave reviews, many of us are still clinging to our conceals-all liquid foundations. Maybe it’s because you’re used to them, or you think that they suit your skin type better, but whatever the reason, it could be time to try out a mineral powder foundation.

Contouring is already beginning to become passé, so embrace your skin’s natural beauty with some mineral powder that’ll complement and enhance it. Read on to find out why we love mineral powder foundation so much.

It protects from the sun

Sure a lot of foundation brands these days feature SPF protection, but a lot of them also have a tendency to be quite greasy and will leave you with a sheen by the end of the day. Mineral powder acts as a physical barrier to the sun and thanks to the fact that it usually contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, it deflects both UVA and UVB rays.

It offers great coverage yet looks totally natural

One of the biggest charms of mineral powder is how natural it can look, and it’ll have you feeling as though you’re wearing nothing at all. When it’s applied right, it’ll give you beautifully flawless skin that doesn’t look masked. To create this perfect coverage, get yourself a kabuki brush and buff the powder into your skin; you’ll be amazed at how something so sheer can give such a good effect.

It’s suitable for even sensitive skin

Even if you suffer from conditions like rosacea or acne, you can still freely use mineral powder foundation. This is because it is free from irritating ingredients like talcs and dyes which can irritate skin – instead it deftly reduces redness and can even help calm skin. Plus as long as you always remember to cleanse at night, since the formula is so light, it won’t clog pores like other foundations can. So no matter what your skin type, mineral foundation will work for you.

It’ll last all day

No more worrying about having to dab and add touch ups even on busy days; with mineral powder it really is designed to last all day. If you apply it properly, buffing into your skin, it will be weather-proof and keep you from looking shiny with oily skin. Prep your skin with a light primer or moisturiser, let it absorb for ten minutes before applying the foundation and you’ll find that you’ll be photo-shoot ready pretty much all day with no transfer!

Check out your local department store’s beauty counters or shop online with a trusted brand like Avon for a high quality mineral powder that’ll really showcase your natural beauty.

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