Top Mediterranean Destinations of 2018

As we search the globe for the ultimate holiday destination, many of the best kept secrets are nestled within the Mediterranean. With an abundance of culture, thrilling activities and beautiful sights, the med offers something unique in every location. Here are the top trending Mediterranean destinations of 2018.

Split, Croatia

Croatia has been gaining more popularity over the past few years and its no wonder. Split is an incredible, scenic town on the Dalmatian Coast with beautiful beaches and a vibrant culture. Visit Krka National Park, just an hour drive from Split and discover picturesque waterfalls and fascinating nature trails. Back in Split along with the beach, you can enjoy excellent shopping, dining and a lively nightlife.

Malta is an archipelago located in the central Mediterranean which is home to not just beautiful beaches but boasts incredible history. Explore prehistoric temples, secret coves and secluded beaches. Take part in scuba diving or snorkelling and explore Malta below the sea. For more information on Malta, visit


This large Italian island with stretches of coastline mountainous scenery. The island is excellent for exploring many secluded beaches and hiking to impressive lookout spots. If you are after an adventure holiday, Sardinia is the right place. With several resorts on the island, it is not hard to find all-inclusive summer holidays that offer everything from meals to activities.

Paphos, Cyprus

Located on the Southwest coast of Cyprus, is a bustling tourist destination with plenty of shops and bars along the beachfront to keep you busy. Paphos is also great for history buffs comprised of archaeological sites, medieval baths and more. Last year, it was awarded European Capital of Culture, so if you love past-times mixed in with some sunshine, Paphos is the place to visit!

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