Travelling? Food You Must Try In Dublin

Traveling sometimes might not be as easy as we might imagine because we have limited time to explore a location. Walking or cycling is the most popular way to explore a city if you are backpacking on your own or with a friend. To keep yourself energised, especially during the cold days in autumn and winter, a good amount of food intake is a must. In this article we will mention couple of places that will not only give you the required calories, but will re-define your understanding of the most popular street food dishes that you will find in Dublin.

PHX bistro

Fish and chips is an old classic dish known by almost anyone around the world, and by choosing it in PHX bistro you will not go wrong. Thick chips and a nicely battered fish is served with a bit of salad and a dressing that complements the rest of the meal. Choose from streaky fries to good old thick chips, which will guarantee to keep you going for hours to come.

Wine lover? Not a problem. A nice selection of White and Red wines will compliment whatever meal you will go for.

And if you love to end a session with a desert, there is plenty to choose from too.

Bad Bobs In Temple Bar area

This is definitely one of our favourite choices for food, which motivates us want to go back to Dublin just to have some of those amazing dishes again. Chips come with every burger you order to make sure you have enough energy to explore the rest of Dublin. Let’s put words aside, and just take a look at the image below to see what we were faced with on our table. The atmosphere in the venue is spot on, and what makes things even better is the fact that they have a cocktail bar and a nightclub in the same building.

Bad Bobs in Temple Bar area is one of those places where you would come back every week if you would have one in your city. And if you are there during the Christmas holidays, check out their Christmas menu that looks quite promising.

Are you in love with perfection? This choice might be for you.

Mulberry Garden is the place that must be on your “to visit” list if you are a lover of fresh cuisine. It is a bit further a way from Dublin City Center, and is only open 3 nights a week (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) but that definitely should not put you off visiting them. Fine food, wine, cocktails, and desserts – all your heart and eyes can desire in one place. As we mentioned, it is one of the higher end restaurants so if you are travelling with a loved one then surprise them by taking him or her to Mulberry Gardens. Just remember, this restaurant is a bit further away from the city center so it would be smart to make a reservation beforehand.

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